Syndicatus Corporation Projects

Syndicatus Corporation Projects

Syndicatus Corporation simply focuses on Crypto Ecosystem based projects like NFT's, Tokenizations, Metaverse integrations, and even with AI integrations to provide the most immense experience to our potential community members.

Syndicatus Crypto Ecosystem

Syndicatus Crypto Ecosystem not only aims to provide the simplest tokenization projects, but also NFT collections, NFT Marketplaces both in centralized and decentralized environment, and also provide Crypto Exchange platform, Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 based Crypto Wallets (Self Custodial) and AI powered Web 4.0 future projects.

Syndicatus Community

Syndicatus Community will be completely different from other web and crypto based communities, since they have only few projects to provide to their community members and there's always a risk to get scammed.

Each member of Syndicatus Community will have the eligibility to see their liquidity on certain crypto wallets when it comes to NFT projects, and they'll be able to see the expenses on metadata, like where their liquidity is being spent on.