Syndicatus Project Victoria

Syndicatus Project Victoria

Project Victoria: Project Victoria is not just a bar, or pub project, in a concept building, it’s more than that. Imagine Vitoria as a castle or chateau, or even urban structure, where members of project Syndicatus and Project Victoria are dressed from Victorian Era, in the exact same atmosphere, ambiance, aura, and synergy. Initial trial of project Victoria will be located in Cyprus, Nicosia. After the opening ceremony of project Victoria, the drinks and other products and services sales will be conducted through 4 ways;

a. USDC/USDT Stablecoins

b. NFT Barcode Scan (Victoria, Key, Syndicatus)

c. Key Phygital Token (Coin) and Phygital/Key

d. Cash (Turkish Lira/Euro/British Pound/US Dollar)

e. After the success of the first year on Project Victoria, next investment will be conducted in Kyrenia after Nicosia, and Romania (other crypto friendly EU Countries)