Syndicatus Master Franchise City/Historical Location Based Projects+Victoria (Project Victoria)

Syndicatus Master Franchise Model

Syndicatus Master Franchise is a unique model, which has been carefully and specifically designed to create sustainability both within Syndicatus Ecosystem and selected countries. In this case, Syndicatus Master Franchise will be feeding both country activities (all web projects, physical events, and many others) and our prior projects like;

A. Project Blackbook

B. Project Templos

C. Project Victoria

Syndicatus Master Franchise Cyprus

In order to provide a better understanding about this topic, we will explain the concept, right from the beginning of the NFT/smart contract creation process.

First of, out target country is Northern Cyprus, where we have world’s most beautiful and clean beaches, natural beauty, historical places, heritage, historical cities, restaurants, café’s, bars, pubs, clubs, hotels and casinos.

As Syndicatus, we’re going to focus on what Northern Cyprus is lacking on both entertainment, night life, and heritage management. In order to fill the gaps, we’re going to select Kyrenia region and city to start with.

Syndicatus Master Franchise Cyprus Project

Kyrenia is a small city, compared with Nicosia and Limassol, however it has completely different aura, with history, historical buildings (Kyrenia Castle, Bellapais Monastery, St. Hilarion Castle), and many night life buildings, including urban architectures. For starters, we’ll organize our initial event, under ‘’Project Blackbook’’, where we’ll organize our reception in Bellapais Monastery, where we’ll invite our Syndicatus NFT holders, and Syndicatus ‘’Master Franchise’’ NFT holders, specifically designed for our Syndicatus Northern Cyprus projects. To determine the amount of liquidity we need, as either USD, EUR, or GBP, we need to overlook to our future projects, such as owned locations sustainable parties, events, seminars, conferences, etc. So far, we have the ideas listed below and can be applied in every single country listed previously:

Syndicatus Master Franchise Steps

A. Owning our own Syndicatus Hotel and Casino

B. Owning our own Syndicatus Bar

C. Owning our own Syndicatus Pub

D. Owning our own Syndicatus Club (in different genre services)

E. Checking historical old houses for location

F. Educative seminars and conferences

G. Sustainable Parties

H. Owning our own Syndicatus Urban Temple for Crypto Related gatherings

I. Owning our own Syndicatus All-In-One Restaurant

J. Owning our own Syndicatus A Village

K. Owning our own Syndicatus Camp Site

Syndicatus Master Franchise World Map

In order to achieve these goals listed above, we need at least $40.000.000 to manage such investment. To collect such liquidity is only through selling NFT’s on Ethereum Blockchain. The best way scenario so far in order to achieve each goal is to sell each NFT collection as a separate project.

As each NFT collection will contain various NFT pieces, depending on their traits and rarity, we will also activate utilities on our collections. Since there are so many options with NFT utilities,we will be uploading unique and specific utilities to each NFT piece within unique NFT collection. In order to provide a better understanding about the usage of utilities, we’ll specify the utilities by listing them on the next page, sector-by-sector (3 Sectors in total).