Syndicatus Master Franchise

Syndicatus Master Franchise Ecosystem

Syndicatus Master Franchise: Syndicatus Master Franchise is a concept in order to bring crypto enthusiasts and NFT enthusiasts together. In addition to that, Syndicatus Master Franchise will be the source of funding for most of the Syndicatus NFT Projects, specifically in every single uniquely selected countries, which are crypto, NFT and AI friendly.

Syndicatus Master Franchise Strategy

For example, in order to accomplish our campaign in N. Cyprus as there’ll be at least 6 projects, these projects will be funded through Syndicatus Master Franchise N. Cyprus NFT Collection. Also, if there’ll be a fashion day in the UK, London, then that event will be funded through Syndicatus Master Franchise UK NFT Collection in order to make sure it succeeds without any issues.

Syndicatus Master Franchise Steps

In order to make sure that Syndicatus Master Franchise concept succeeds, there are certain elements we need to consider in a serious way;

I. Legal framework

II. In the country is crypto friendly

III. Country Location

IV. Population

V. How friendly the population is, and towards crypto

VI. Existings contacts or potential partners in selected county

VII. Historical castles, chateau’s and villages list, including modern urban locations list

VIII. What the potential NFT holders are interested to experience

IX. Sponsors

X. Potential partners

XI. Potential collaborators

XII. Investments (Dividends from Hotel)

XIII. Phygital events

Syndicatus Master Franchise Steps

Since the general of the project is so complex, details and combines so many aspects at the same time, we had to specify the country list as well, and in order to make sure that the listed country is suitable for our future plans, projects and concept, we had to look at the historical areas in that country, how friendly the population is, and how close they are towards crypto, how flexible their legal framework is and all other factors listed above.

Syndicatus Master Franchise World Map

Syndicatus Master Franchise will be activated in at least 57 countries, the full world map will be shared very soon.