Syndicatus Ecosystem

Syndicatus Ecosystem

1) Syndicatus Master Franchise

2) Syndicatus Wallet (Self-Custodial Wallet (Powered by BD)

3) Syndicatus Staking

4) Syndicatus Custodial MPC Wallet

5) Syndicatus NFT API

6) Syndicatus Audit Tool (Accounting)

7) Syndicatus NFT Dividend Module (Synonym)

8) Syndicatus DEX

9) Syndicatus DAO

10) Syndicatus NFT Collection Definitions and Details

11) Syndicatus Victorian/Gregorian Era Metaverse

12) Syndicatus Roadmap

13) Syndicatus Crew (Council-High Table)

14) Syndicatus IP (Intellectual Property)

15) Syndicatus Legal/Compliance

16) Syndicatus Legal(Incorporations and Licenses)

17) Syndicatus Usage of Funds

18) Syndicatus NFTnomics->Percentages and Liquidity Vesting

19) Graphs and percentages

20) Details of Syndicatus Organization=Team, founders, creators, (fashion, PR blockchain), marketing, r&d, ads (design, ecosystem, legal, reserves, partnerships, etc)

21) Explanations of details given above

22) Syndicatus Team (Council and High Table)

23) Syndicatus Vision and Mission

24) SyndicatusxTrello ntegration

25) SyndicatusxYouTrack Integration

26) Syndicatus NFT Custom Smart Contract Module

27) Syndicatus Custom Token Smart Contract Module

28) Syndicatus NFT’s with Traits

29) Syndicatus Swap

30) Syndicatus XMR Module

31) Syndicatus XMR Property

32) Syndicatus Rent-A-Car

33) Syndicatus NFT Design+Utility Creator with Smart Contracts