Syndicatus Property and Real-Estate Integration

Northern Cyprus

Syndicatus will allow our potential NFT holders to buy and sell NFT ecosystem to our clients (personal and corporate level) and allow them to do through NFT’s and payment gateway solutions in Kyrenia and Famagusta Region’s.

Syndicatus will apply the sale protocol by signing an agreement (both centralized legal and decentralized on Ethereum Blockchain) with property sellers and list their property/real-estates as NFT’s. They’ll be able to purchase the NFT with either Ethereum and/or payment gateway solutions (fiat->crypto). Through this method only Syndicatus NFT Marketplace will be authorised to sell the property. In addition to this, we will compensate all the accommodation and travel tickets of the real estate/property purchasers, limited to lawyer expenses & legal (excluded).

Syndicatus will also apply the sale protocol by signing various agreements with property and real estate agencies in order to sell the real estate/properties on behalf of them on Syndicatus Marketplace or on their platform (interconnected/satrapy of Syndicatus Marketplace) for a certain percentage. In addition to that, real estate / property company will compensate all the accommodation, and travel tickets of the real estate/property purchasers, limited to lawyer expenses and legal (excluded).

Syndicatus will be conducting both construction and buying/selling protocols with construction companies, such as Ahmet Baştaş, Dengiz Kürşat, Yağmur Özyalçın for the beginning, after signing our mNDA and Service Agreements and sell both our and their products/services in EU countries/EUROZONE, Asia, Africa and Central/South Americas. Exact same methodology ESCROW included for payment safety, custodial wallet activation for us, our real-estate/property partners and our members, funds, and liquidity providers for ourselves and our clients.